Craig Connolly
 Drama Teacher

Craig originally trained with the Independent Theatre Workshop before pursuing Acting at third level in The LIR.  He graduated from the Lir with a BA in acting in 2015. Before entering the Lir Craig had been in many productions including The Silver Tassie (Druid theatre Company) Oliver (Festival Productions) I,Keano ( Long Road Productions) and The Auld Fella (Tiger Dublin fringe festival). 

Screen credits include The Cabin (Hallmark TV) The Hideaways (Feature Film) Roy (BBC/RTE). 

While in the Lir Craig worked with directors such as Wayne Jordan, Annabelle Comyn, Louise Lowe and Tom Creed. 

Aside from acting Craig has a great love for music. He plays various instruments such as piano, guitar, drums and ukulele. Craig is currently working with Anu productions on “Sunder” as part of the 1916 Centenary Celebrations.