The new year is kicking off with various castings coming in to the Agency and they have an incredibly quick turn around time. For example in the last 2 days we have a request for boys for Ripper Street aged 8-12 who could look like a victorian paperboy, another for a brother and sister aged 6-9 for a commercial and a third for 3 teenagers to play lead roles in a new Movie - the castings are for next week! . They asked for photos and CV’s to be sent over of those who would be interested!f

If you don’t look like your photo it’s no good! either you won’t get picked to audition because you look too young for the role! Or you will get an audition and not get the job because you were too old for the part but looked just the right age in your pic!

Brendan our school photographer is in again on Sundays 2 and 9 October and and we would strongly recommend you get your shots done NOW to last you for the whole year!

The cost is only €35 and you will earn that back on your first job!! It’s also lovely to have your own gorgeous headshots for grannys, aunties etc!

Each session lasts 20 minutes and during that time Brendan will photograph 3 students. He will take a range of photographs during the session and will chose the best one to print and you will get a copy of it.  All shots come with a  Web Gallery where Brendan will send you an electronic contact sheet by email and you can choose an additional shot that he will crop to size and send you as full size .JPG for you to print out for yourself.

Photo shoots always book up very quickly so book your place asap to avoid disappointment!