ITW has once again been selected to take part in the Schools Shakespeare Festival and will perform a 30 minute production of Romeo & Juliet in The MAC in Belfast on Tuesday 3rd of November. 

Further information about the Festival can be found by clicking here : Welcome to Shakespeare Schools Festival | Shakespeare Schools Festival

I am looking to make up a cast, crew and musicians of about 25 students aged from 10 up to 14yrs of age.

We will make a start on rehearsals the last weekend in August and throughout September and October till the show on November 3rd there will be rehearsals on Sundays from 2-4pm and probably until 6pm in late October too! Over the mid term break we will be in for 4 full days on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October and 1st November.

The cast will participate in a Shakespeare Acting workshop with facilitators from the Shakespeare Festival Team on Tuesday 29th September in Belfast - we will travel up in the morning of the 29th and return after the workshop leaving Belfast at 4.00pm.

The cost will be €150 per student to participate (Sept/October workshops and rehearsals and including some October mid-term rehearsals and the participation fee) plus costs (costumes,train fares and acommodation overnight in Belfast). 

We hope the parents might get on board to organise some fundraising activities (karaoke night/sponsored dramathon) to help pay for the costs: overnight in Belfast and transport, costumes etc which we would expect everyone to get involved with and support. Last year the Belfast 2 return train trips/1 night accommodation etc came in at €75 per person including dinner at Nandos and Pizza after the show! - costumes worked out at approx €40 per person which we raised through ticket sales for our in house performance in November.

The €150 is a nominal fee to go towards- paying the teachers involved a small fee for facilitating and supervising, rent and with the participation fee charged by the Shakespeare Festival which is Stg£750 to cover venue, scripts, insurance, technicians, workshop etc - but well worth it for the amazing experience the students have.

This is an exciting venture for us and the children get so much out of performing Shakespeare live and in such a fantastic venue and festival and those who did it last year had a wonderful time.

I need to know who is interested in auditioning for this as soon as possible so I can make plans.

We are going to start our auditions process with a workshop on Sunday August 30th at ITW Studios Clonskeagh starting at 10am - please can you let me know if you are planning on coming so I can figure out how much time I need! The process will last a couple of weeks before we finally cast.

We are taking our Junior Shakespeare Company back to Belfast again this year! This time with a production of Romeo & Juliet!