New Wednesday Classes in ITW Drumcondra

Located in the ABCD building in Drumcondra, ITW studios has a new selection of Wednesday classes to accompany our Tuesdays and Saturdays! We opened our brand new dance and drama studios this year and we are so excited for September!!

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For students in 1st class +, we have singing classes available with the amazing Clodagh Long. Clodagh is a west end performer and past pupil of ITW, who is coming back to pass on all of her wisdom.

Our singing classes are a mix of classical singing technique, music theory, and performance. The repertoire primarily comes from musical theatre, but traditional, classical, and pop is also included when appropriate.

Take your Leinster School exams or just build your confidence with these fun vocal training classes.


For our inters (4th-6th class) and our seniors (1st-6th year) who just love to dance, we have added two Hip Hop dance classes on a Wednesday. These classes focus on technique and your development as a dancer. The style has a strong basis in commercial dance but explores various styles.

The classes are taught by the one and only Lizzy Benham! Lizzy’s professional experience is guaranteed to bring the best out in our dancers. Learn more about Lizzy here.


Alongside our usual Wednesday speech and drama classes, we have added a creative drama class for our juniors and inters and an advanced acting class for our seniors.

In speech and drama, our students are working towards their Leinster School of Music and Drama exams our students are developing speech skills and techniques building up a repertoire of dramatic monologues, speaking poetry and prose, reading skills, projection, clear articulation, correcting speech faults and building confidence in speaking in front of an audience.

This is usually taken in conjunction with a creative drama class where there is a focus on group work and ensemble. The class develops skills in movement, improvisation, storytelling all while creating scenarios, stories and characters. The two classes together make for the well rounded performer.

Our Senior /Young Adult Acting and Scene Study marries the two perfectly! With a small group of secondary school students, the class will work on creative drama skills, pushing the group by exploring various genres and periods while also supporting them in working towards their speech and drama exams.

If you would like further information on any of the above, give us a call on (01)260 0831/(01)2196842 or send us an email at!

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