ITW Junior Shakespeare Company 2019

ITW Shakespeare Hamlet.jpeg

Taking one of Shakespeare’s plays that has been especially abridged to just 30 minutes in length, we work towards our performances in The MAC in Belfast in mid -November, followed by a home venue performance a couple of weeks later.

Our ITW Junior Shakespeare Company has been running for 7 years now and our students have loved taking part.  At present we are taking names for the 2019 Company and if you think that you would like to be involved please do let me know as soon as possible. You need to be taking a minimum of two classes a week at ITW including Drama to be eligible to join Junior Shakespeare Company and from 4th class to 3rd year in school.

Full information along with a link to a recording of the Dress Rehearsal of our Hamlet Performance in Belfast from last November can be found on our website and you can read our appraisal from the festival last year below.

The benefits of taking part in the ITW Shakespeare Company productions are many - especially de-mystifying Shakespeare and preparing the students for the Shakespeare elements of their Junior Cert - this usually asks for them to take scenes from their selected Shakespeare and discuss how they would stage it, using lighting, sound, props etc... Or taking a character that goes through a particular journey and writing about it. This is SO much easier when they have the physical and personal experience of doing it!

The friendships that are forged last forever and the skills that they learn - projection, performance, teamwork, movement, language and diction are transferrable in so many areas of their lives.

Please have a look at the Shakespeare Page on our website and let us know if YOU would like to be involved in this years production!

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