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2019 has brought with it exciting developments in ITW s classical ballet classes. Starting in September 2019, the upcoming first term, ballet classes at ITW will be based on the encouraging and inclusive classical examination syllabi of the Irish Board of Dance Performance. Ballet students will be encouraged to maximise understanding of various classical ballet styles and techniques such as Checchetti, Russian, RAD syllabus inspired, Balanchine, Bournonville methods and more.

Ballet classes are taught by ITW s Head of Dance Sacha Hendricks and dance teacher, Sarah Dennis. Both are passionate about teaching classical dance and encouraging young dancers to develop their dance technique and explore their full potential.

“If you want to excel as a dancer and performer you need to have a secure classical dance technique. Technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong ballet technique extends across all dance areas regardless of the style of your routine”

Each grade will have a classical dress code from Little ballerinas through Seniors. Wearing the correct ballet attire ensures that teachers can properly correct the students.  Ballet attire makes the lines and body placement much more visible to the ballet teacher, and can help ballet students dance correctly and safely. This grows even more important the older your child gets. Not only does the dress code help with the class; dressing like a dancer makes you feel a dancer.

We encourage all dance students of all ages and levels to enrol in ITW ballet classes and watch your dance technique, poise, strength and flexibility improve.

ITW Senior Ballet

ITW Senior Ballet