Young Dramatic Arts FREE Workshop

My name is Allanah Scully and I am going to be taking over Young Dramatic Arts - ITW's very own Youth Theatre Company - this year. YDA is a high quality youth theatre company that was set up so that students from ITW aged 15-18, like you, can have the opportunity to further your interest and skills in theatre and performance. 

This year I have a lot of super excting things planned that I would really love you to be a part of. Term 1 is going to be focusing on workshops which will help you to build your skills in theatre. In YDA we really encourage your interest in ALL aspects of theatre. I will be providing workshops with external professionals within the industry in areas like technical theatre, costumes, script writing etc etc. These skills alongside drama workshops which I will run, will really help you to build your knowlegde of the theatre industry and figure out which areas you have an interest in and may want to pursue after school. 

On that, I will also be able to provide you with information on third level college courses and open days coming up, if that is an interest that you have. I myself studied Theatre in Ireland and hold a BA in English and Drama and an MA in Theatre Practice and Production so I have lots of knowledge which can help you with this. Also, a lot of our former YDA students are now studying in London, so there are plenty of opportunities to find out information from them on what that is like. 

NATIONAL THEATRE CONNECTIONS FESTIVAL Terms 2 and 3 are going to focus on a very exciting project - Connections 2020 in association with The National Theatre in London. This is a super amazing festival which is going to be taking place in The Lyric Theatre in Belfast on the weekend of April 3-5th.We will also be doing a home performance of the play we choose for Connections in a home venue in February - location still to be confirmed. Our previous YDA students will know that this is one of the highlights of our YDA year. You guys are COMPLETELY involved in every stage of the production including Assistant Director, Props, Costumes, Sound and of course our actors in the play. It is really an amazing opportunity and I'm so excited to get working with you on it. 


Going off that - the plays that we are allowed to choose from have been given to us, we have to choose 2 plays and we will then be given one which we will perform in our home performance and in the Connections Festival. Anyone that is registered to YDA from this point forward will be receiving a link to these plays so that you guys can give me your feedback about which play you would like to do. So the sooner that you're booked in, the sooner I can send you the link to help me pick! 

COMMITTEE There will also be opportunites to be on a newly formed YDA committee in roles such as PR, Membership, Welfare, Secetary etc, which gives you an extra responsibility within the company, and is also great experience and will look brilliant on your college application, especially if you decide to become a committee member of a university society. 

Alongside all of this we will be planning trips to shows, fundraisers and so many other fun and exciting things and I would absolutely LOVE to have you as a part of it. 


TASTER WORKSHOP I'm going to be running a taster workshop in ITW Clonskeagh on Saturday 31st of August from 12-1pm. This will give you guys an idea of the different things we're going to be doing in our rehearsals and also gives us the chance to have a chat about plans moving forward. The main thing about YDA is that you guys are the ones driving this company, so your input from the very beginning is so important to me. (There may also be pizza involved after the workshop so the chats can continue). 

If you're interested in coming to the workshop or (even better) joining YDA then please call 01-2600831 or register here. Or if you're looking for anymore information then you can email me at