ITW Terms and Conditions


1.           Enrolment is for the 30-week academic year with payments divided into three installments of 10 weeks. If your child does not wish to complete the year you must inform the office in writing giving 1/2 a term’s notice. Otherwise you will be liable for the next term’s fees in full. *New students see clause 6


2.           The uniform is compulsory up to senior level and must be worn to class each week, to auditions and to and from set/theatre when working. Uniforms are available from the school on the 1st and 2nd week of each term.  The Ballet uniform is available from Dance World, Ranelagh and Dance Dimensions, Drumcondra.  Senior and Young Adults are encouraged to wear the ITW hoodie and T-shirt and appropriate clothing for dance and drama. Dance students must attend in dancewear.


3.           Parents will be notified of important information, fees due, outings, auditions, term dates and holidays via our regular newsletters and notes distributed by e-mail to the parents email address and alternative email address supplied on the booking form. These will also be pinned on the noticeboards at the school. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you feel you may have missed some of the information, as this is our means of communicating with you.


4.           Fees may be paid by cash, by cheque made out to ITW, or preferably by debit card over the phone. We do accept credit cards but these incur a charge of 3%. Fees MUST be paid in full ON OR BEFORE the first day of a new term- late fees will incur an administration fee of €10. Please ensure fees are clearly marked with your child’s name and class. Deposits are non-refundable but will be credited against your first term’s fees.  Term dates can be found on the calendar page of the ITW website


5.           In order to help us provide the best attention for your child please ensure that you let us know of any medical or special needs your child might have.  There is a space provided on the booking form for this.


6.           NEW STUDENTS ONLY: When booking your place in an ITW Class for the first time you should fill in the on line booking form and pay the deposit of €100 (€50 for tots).  You will pay the balance of the terms fees on or before the first week of class. Your initial commitment is for 3 weeks only. We feel that it takes 3 weeks to really settle in and get a proper feel for our classes.  If after 3 weeks of term you give notice in writing that you do not want to continue we will refund you the fees for the remaining weeks of term in full.  Your place is only confirmed on payment of terms fees in full. If fees are unpaid after week two- no commitment is deemed to have been made and the place can be given to another student.


7.           All students are represented solely by the ITW Agency and may get the opportunity to appear in Film, Television and Theatre. There is no charge for being a part of the ITW Agency.  If an actor does get cast in a production ITW Actor Management will deal with all contracts, invoicing and arrangements on the students behalf. For this we charge a 20% management fee. If you do not wish your child to be represented by the ITW Agency you must click the appropriate button on the booking form and inform the office in writing. All students who are keen to be considered for professional work must supply the office with a completed ITW CV and a Photo Headshot.


Consent for photographs/video use

In the course of the activities provided by ITW photographs and video may be taken by the course teachers and in the case of class performances by other parents, which may include footage of your child. These may be used on our website or in our brochures from time to time.  Please ensure you let the school know in writing if you do not consent to the use of images as described above.  There is a space provided on the online booking form for this.


From time to time casting directors or film-makers attend our classes in their search for a child for a particular role. If you would prefer your child not to be included on these occasions please let us know.


Please note that by enrolling your child for ITW you are agreeing to, and bound by, our terms and conditions as laid out in this document.