Singing Studio Classes

Our singing department is expanding in September.

Music Theory classes will be available to all students and is ideal for those who are studying Singing or learning a musical instrument privately and would like to do the theory to go with it. Taught in small groups for the maximum of individual attention, students are encouraged to move swiftly through the grades, achieving excellent results.

We can prepare you for your music theory exams, Leinster School of Music musical theatre exams, ABRSM singing exams and Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate music practicals.

Contact Georgia on +353 1 260 0831 to make an appointment for a free singing assessment and/or trial theory class.

Faculty include:

  • Georgia Snow MA (Head of Musical Theatre and Singing in ITW)

  • Frances Marshall MA (Classical, Modern, Musical Theatre and Music Theory)

  • Suzanne McDonnell BA (Gospel, Classical, Musical Theatre)

  • Suzanne Savage B.Mus (Classical, Musical Theatre)


Our singing classes focus on classical, traditional, and musical theatre styles and repertoire while learning about classical technique and music theory. By the end of their training, students will have a variety of musical styles ready for auditions, and will be well-versed in musical theatre repertoire and history. Encouraged to explore their vocal capabilities and gain confidence in their natural abilities, students start out in group classes at younger ages and progress to smaller classes where the emphasis becomes solo and duet work. Equal emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of breath, vocal production, support and performance. Encouraged to research and source material that they would particularly like to sing, students have the opportunity to take the Leinster School of Music & Drama Musical Theatre Solo and Duet Exams, solo exams with the ABRSM, and the Irish Board of Speech and Drama Musical Theatre Group Exams. Other opportunities include the chance to regularly perform in ITW recitals and less formal, more fun events like our own ITW X- Factor and local arts festivals.

Private Tuition

Experienced and accomplished vocal coaches are available for privatetuition for students of all ages (children and adults), based in the professional singing studios of ITW Studios in Clonskeagh. One to one sessions are tailored to the individual, catering to all levels of experience, with the option for advanced students to explore a variety of styles including classical, musical theatre, pop and rock. Private sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Students learn how to:

  • Sing with confidence, ability and expression
  • Improve the natural tone of their voices
  • Understand and implement proper breathing techniques to free the voice
  • Physically understand the scientific workings of the voice in order to support its development
  • Eliminate any strain on the voice
  • Analyze a song’s story and character to enhance performance
  • Improve their musical ear
  • Understand basic music theory
  • Sight sing with confidence
  • Learn to differentiate between head and chest voice and discover how to develop them both safely.

Leaving Cert / Junior Cert Practical

ITW also offer private classes for students preparing for practical music exams as part of the Irish leaving/ junior certificate music syllabi.With a huge range of material to choose from, students are guided in their selection of pieces and coached to bring these pieces to the highest possible standard of performance.We also have short specialist singing courses throughout the year including Music Theory, Acting the Song, Audition Preparation, workshops with guest teachers and others. Watch our newsletters and website for details. Our primary objective is to build confidence and creativity and to provide a social forum for our students to make friends and exercise their imagination. However, we also offer the opportunity for anyone interested to gain their certificates and diplomas by taking the Leinster School of Music & Drama exams. These exams are available in Solo Acting, Speech & Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre, up to and including Diploma level.

The Exams

Following the syllabus and taking exams have proved to be a fantastic experience for our students: They gain confidence in their own abilities and enjoy having a goal to work towards.

For the Leinster School exams, the students must prepare one or two contrasting songs from musical theatre. These pieces can be performed solo or else students have an option to perform duets. They must perform the songs in a professional manner, adding appropriate choreography and movement where necessary to enhance the performance. They also must study the character from the musical and decide on costume, props and the staging of the piece. In addition they perform a short mime, poem/piece of drama. The students are examined not only on the standard of their performance, but also on their technical understanding of their voices in areas such as vocal support, projection, breath control etc. They are prepared for these exams in singing class.

For the ABRSM exams, an examiner comes from the UK and students perform a minimum of four songs from traditional, classical, and musical theatre repertoire with good technique and understanding of the pieces. Students are also tested on aural skills and sight singing in the room with the examiner.

*Please note: Exams are NOT compulsory and incur an additional fee

or call us for more info on these available classes - +353 1 260 0831