The Body Conditioning was the best thing ever! :) My favourite part of the week was musical theatre because there was lots of different styles and it was just great.
— Miles, Age 12
I learned so much. In tap, I loved the song and that we got to do character work. Jazz with Erica was my favourite because we learned a full dance and I just really enjoyed it. Stretching with Nina on Friday was fun, I pushed myself and I feel that I accomplished a lot!
— Maura, Age 16
The Musical Theatre rehearsal was my favourite it was a really good group project.
— Ava, Age 15
My favourite part of the week was the time where you had to do your solo composition because it made me more confident. Thank you to all the teachers that helped us and that taught us a lot of things really well.
— Clara, Age 14
Jazz was challenging, but fun. I liked the hard ab workout in Body Conditioning. I also really liked the tasks we had to apply to our solos. My favourite part was the lyrical/contemporary with Nina because I adore the dance we learned.
— Isolde, Age 14