My Daughter Saskia has been a student for 9 years and absolutely loves the fun and friends she has made in ITW. She has had so many opportunities from performing at the Mac Theatre in Belfast as part of the Shakespeare schools programme to this year travelling to London to attend workshops and see amazing shows on the West End! Saskia has learned so much from her speech classes that have helped her in school with public speaking and understanding poetry!  Whether she will pursue a career in this field is not what is important, but the life skills and confidence she has gained in being part of this amazing school.  There is something for everybody at ITW.  Many thanks to Gillian and all the staff.  

Mark Mulvey age 15

“I really enjoyed my time in the play. It was good craic but challenging at times. I loved learning new skills like stage combat and fight choreography and ways of acting. It helped me a lot with my studies as I am studying Romeo and Juliet at school. I was very nervous going out on stage at The MAC Theatre but other than that I was fine. I made loads of new friends and the experience as a whole was great.”

Olivia McKevitt age 12

Olivia McKevitt age 12

“The Junior Shakespeare Company was fab!

It was a really fun way to learn a Shakespeare play. 

I learned a lot about rehearsing a show, directing plays and acting. 

I think it helped a lot with my stage presence and performance and my understanding of Shakespeare. 

I liked having someone else play my character along with me as it meant we could interpret our role in different ways.  I could learn and improve how I portrayed my character based on things that I liked from how they acted the same role. 

I made loads of new friends. 

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys performing and I can’t wait to do it next year!

All round, it was a great experience.”

Honor age 15

Honor age 15

“My daughter would happily spend every spare hour at ITW if she could. She adores her weekends doing what she loves best, singing, acting and dancing. ITW has also done wonders for her self esteem and self confidence and she has forged wonderful friendships with other like-minded kids. With Gillian at the helm it is run efficiently and professionally with experienced and fun teachers. The organisation of a recent trip to the West End in London was very impressive with unique backstage opportunities and workshops available for the kids; I only wish I could have gone myself!”


“Just a quick mail to congratulate and thank you for an excellent production last weekend. We were very impressed by the professionalism demonstrated on all fronts - from the performances to the incredible costumes and makeup. 

As parents we are very reassured that we made the right decision to enrol Billy with ITW. For him to learn and grow with standards of performance as demonstrated is a wonderful opportunity for him to explore his talents. Here's to many more years of ITW.


Noreen and Liam Fahy”