Camp Broadway

I thought all the musicals [at camp] were great because some I had never heard of
— Laoise, Age 10
I loved dancing to Solidarity because it was so much fun. The only change I would make next year would be to make the classes longer.
— Tara, Age 14
My favorite part was when we sang He Lives in You, because I like learning new languages.

— Georgia, Age 7
My least favorite part of the week was having to go home every day.
— Saoirse, Age 9
My favorite part of the week was Wicked, or basically everything. Over this week I made loads of new friends, I made like a family over the 5 weeks . It was been so amazing and with every passing week when people left I would be devastated. I love the teachers, I love my ITW family, I love everything about ITW, it’s the best.
— Ellen, Age 13
: I loved tap dancing because I like doing movement through my feet. Camp Broadway is very inspiring.
— Sophia, Age 10
I thoroughly enjoyed the summer camp. All of the teachers were very kind, fair, fun, and they keep interest in class.
— Lera, Age 11
My favorite bit was meeting new friends and seeing old ones. Also, MAGIC!
— Anamah, Age 11
I really liked fairy tale debating because we got to choose a character and make a point.
— Grace, Age 11
My favorite part was the Wild Card because you never knew what was going to happen.
— Amelie, Age 11
I loved our last day of dance with Nina because it was so fun. We learned a real Broadway choreographed dance!
— Lottie, Age 13
My favorite part of summer camp was making new friends, doing lots of improvisations, learning new dance moves and songs. I especially liked “On The Town” because of its storyline. I also loved the magic tricks.

— Clarice, Age 11