Seniors Creative Drama

Senior Creative Drama – A class filled with improvisation, role play, theatre games and creative thinking to inspire our students to develop characters, tell stories and explore their world using acting and performance techniques.  Every week the students work using drama exercises and a variety of stimuli to create unique situations and scenes. Being part of a happy and productive class atmosphere, enables the Senior students to develop self-expression, imagination, self-confidence and vocabulary as well as give voice to a complex range of emotions. The Seniors Creative Drama includes dialect work, audition skills, characterisation, and script work.

They write their own original short play and work together to produce it while taking on the roles of director, writer, prop master and actor.  At Senior level their improvisations become more structured and their characters more clearly defined. They explore status and conflict, and experiment with more serious themes. They are challenged to look at their surroundings and to use their experiences in their performances.  Senior Creative Drama students are also introduced to script work, radio drama, accents and performance. There is also the opportunity to perform in the Group Mime and Improvisation sections of the Speech & Drama Teachers of Ireland Festival.