Junior Dance

Junior Dance is a fun class that develops each student's dance technique and performance!

Every class starts with a warm-up which includes stretches, cardio, isolations, co-ordination and technique. We learn about turn-out, posture, pointing feet and stretching legs, how the foundation of movement applies to kicks and jumps, and using strength in our arms to help us dance.

Beyond warming up, we dance across the floor using technique from warm-ups that will eventually go into bigger routines. This creates an opportunity for students to watch their peers and learn from them, while getting a chance to perform in a pair across the floor.

We practice leaps, kicks, jumps, and turns that will then go into a fun routine to one of their favourite songs. 

Junior Dance also loves improvisational activities. As they grow up, Junior dancers enjoy new structured improvisational challenges like dancing on one foot, changing levels, dancing with a partner, exploring different kinds of jumps or rolls, and so on.

This is also good practice for being confident improvisers and showing off their best skills. 

Junior Dance provides the foundation material for Intermediate ITW Dance including the ITW Inter Dance Company.