Senior itw Dance

Senior itw Dance

is a pre- professional class that develops each student’s confidence in their dance abilities working on their dance technique and performance!

Every class starts with a warm-up which includes stretches, isolations, cardio, and co-ordination exercises followed by across the floor combinations and an end of class fun routine in any style. Routines range from Musical Theatre to Jazz techniques and even dabble in Modern Dance, African Dance, and more.

Senior Dance participates in Technique of the Week: a weekly effort to practice a new dance technique including stretch week, arms week, kick week, jump week, turn week and more!

Beginners and advanced students are welcome


Senior Dance classes prepare students for dance auditions for college, summer courses, professional work, and other community performance opportunities. Senior students are not required to wear uniforms, however by this stage, ITW Dancers are expected to come to class , appropriately attired, and fully prepared to put their best foot forward, showing themselves at their very best.