ITW Dance Uniform List

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The ITW Dance Studio in Clonskeagh has a specialised dance floor that will maximise performance for jumps, turns, slides, and more. This floor is a privilege and so we will be strictly enforcing an indoor shoe only policy. No one with outdoor shoes will be allowed inside the dance studio, so please plan accordingly.


ITW Junior/Inter/Senior/Young Adult Dance (membership class): 

ITW T-shirt and hoodie (for Tots named after colours - Inters); all black (for Seniors and Young Adults). Black leggings or tracksuit bottoms for all. Jazz Shoes or dance shoes that are for INDOOR USE ONLY.


All Black: black leotard (optional), black t-shirt (Dance Studio Tee appropriate), black tights or black leggings/tracksuit bottoms, bare feet. Convertible pink tights are appropriate as well as "foot thongs".


Little Ballerinas: No uniform required other than comfortable clothes and shoes you can move in. Pink Leotard available.

Inters/Seniors: Leotard (any colour), pink tights, ballet shoes, hair pulled back into a ballet bun.

Hip Hop: 

Dance clothing that is easy to move in (like Dance Studio Tee), Jazz Shoes or hip hop runners that are for INDOOR USE ONLY. These must be shoes for dance class only- any outdoor shoes will not be permitted.

Body Conditioning: 

Clothing you can move in like Dance Studio Tee, black leggings or tracksuit bottoms, leotard, tights are acceptable. Jazz runners or runners that are for INDOOR USE ONLY. (Please note that if you are in ballet before this class there will not be time to change. You can always add a layer or shoes, however time is limited so let's avoid a queue for changing.)

ISTD Modern: 

All black - this may include a black leotard, black T-shirt or active wear, black leggings, black tights with jazz shoes.

Inter Dance Company: 

Pink and Black Company Leotard, black leggings, tights or tracksuit bottoms, Dance Studio Tee, black Jazz Shoes. ITW Dance Company Hoodie Optional.

Senior Dance Company: 

Black Lace Leotard, black leggings, tights or tracksuit bottoms, Dance Studio Tee, black Jazz Shoes. ITW Dance Company Hoodie Optional.


Please note: Students who fail to come to class in appropriate ITW Uniform will be asked to sit out in class with a phone call home. Uniforms are not only to look smart, but also to set our bodies in the appropriate aesthetic for class. If you're concerned with any of the uniforms listed above please email or call the office.

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