Catherine Leahy Age 7

"I just loved being in Annie Jr! I learned so much from my brilliant drama teacher, Gillian, and from the amazing dancing and singing teachers, Nina and Sian. Everyone helped to put the show on: Jordan, Ciara and all the older kids who became my friends who were in the cast. It was fantastic to perform at Smock Alley theatre for my family. I was so sad on Saturday morning when I realised - no more Annie! I can't wait for my next ITW Show!'  Catherine Leahy age 7 ‘Molly’


From her mum: "I watched all three ITW Annie Jr performances and would have watched 300. It was brilliant. Better than professional shows, my aunt said; never seen kids so good in a show, my friend said. And the best testament to ITW and Gillian's great teaching and direction is that another friend wants to sign up her kids next year. Well done! These are memories built to last, and Catherine has had a fantastic six months being part of the cast. All that hard work of yours paid off, ITW!"  Margaret – Mum to Catherine