Roy Grimson

PHENOMENAL!!! Honestly it is a Theatre school unlike any other. From the moment I first joined, I was welcomed with such love & enthusiasm that I knew I had found someplace truly special. 

I have spent some of the best years of my life there, made some of the best friends I will cherish forever & created/shared many of my best memories. Having gone full circle through the school, first as a student, then as an Assistant & finally a Teacher I got to see the ins & outs of what makes ITW so incredible. The staff are fully dedicated to what they do, the students are some of the nicest/most amazing people you can meet & the parents are just such an awesome support for the school. It's more than a school actually, it's a family at least it is for me. Many Theatre schools are great, but ITW just has that edge that set it worlds apart from the rest. I would not hesitate in sending anyone to the place that gave me the stepping stones in my life, cause I know it will do the same for them too!
As Dorothy says at the end of "The Wizard of Oz";
"There's no place like ITW, There's no place like ITW, There's no place like ITW" Roy Grimson