Singing Starfish

Singing Starfish is particularly recommended for pre-schoolers and children in Junior Infants while the next level, Singing, is suitable for those in Senior Infants.


Tots Preschool-Senior Infants

From birth to age 6 it is developmentally important for children to be exposed to making music and using their voices, for after age 6 it becomes difficult for their brains to unscramble the aural images of music. Our Tots singing classes are designed to aid this aural unscrambling process and set the foundation for further musical development. Through percussion, movement, repeated warm ups, and children’s songs, our Tots learn about music in a fun and creative way. By the end of their first year in singing, not only will they “Wow!” you with their repertoire, but they will tell you the Italian words for dynamics, count in 4/4 and 3/4 time, and tell you the difference between Major and Minor!

Tots perform in-house on informal occasions for fun!