Junior Singing

Juniors 1st-3rd Class:

Designed specifically for a group setting, Junior singing classes expand on theory and repertoire.

Emphasis is placed on correct breathing (intercostal diaphragmatic) and placement of the jaw, tongue, and mouth. Juniors work together on musical theatre and standard music, focussing on musical phrasing as well as interpretation and character development. This class sets the foundation for vocal training in later years when their voices start to mature.

At this level, students take group exams with the Irish Board, which involve not only age-appropriate songs but also research and character development. They must show they understand the context of the song as well as display basic singing technique to the examiner.

Singing at ITW places equal emphasis on technique and performance. Singing class is offered in small groups for younger students and beginners. Older students who are on higher grades, getting ready for Junior or Leaving Cert practicals, or preparing for college auditions are encouraged to take private lessons. Singing classes are generally taken in addition to the weekly dance and creative drama core subjects, but are offered as a non-member option in selective circumstances. 

Our singing classes are a mix of classical singing technique, music theory, and performance. The repertoire primarily comes from musical theatre, but traditional, classical, and pop is also included when appropriate. Students are divided by school class, and when they’re old enough they work towards exams with the Leinster School of Music and Drama and the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. These exams include a written research component as well as theory, vocal technique, and performance. 

There are two recitals per year for singing students from the Junior to Young Adult levels when parents get a chance to hear what the students are preparing for their exams. 

ITW Singing Teachers:

Georgia Snow (Head of Singing and Musical Theatre) MA Directing for Theatre UCD, BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Performance Wagner College (Fiddler on the Roof North American tour)

Ciara Lyons BA Drama Studies UCD, Associate & Licentiate LSMD

Clara Murray (RTE Junior presenter)

Cita Crefeld

Fiona McErlane

Anna Hetherton