G. McArdle TY Co-Ordinator Muckross Park College - For the last number of years, our Transition Year pupils have been involved in drama and dance with I.T.W. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I.T.W. are incredibly flexible in designing programmes that suit our availability and individual needs. The pupils explore their creativity in a way that is difficult to achieve in a classroom setting. I.T.W.’s workshops are hugely beneficial in terms of pupils’ development. Confidence, self-esteem and feelings of personal achievement have all been nurtured due to our involvement with I.T.W. The workshops foster friendships, cooperation and cohesion among the group. A warm, caring and professional staff, make visits to the centre enjoyable on even the bleakest of winter days. It has become an integral part of our Transition year and a partnership I hope will continue into the future.