Inter singing

Inters 4th-6th Class

Our singing classes are a mix of classical singing technique, music theory, and performance. The repertoire primarily comes from musical theatre, but traditional, classical, and pop is also included when appropriate. Students are divided by school class, and when they’re old enough they work towards exams with the Leinster School of Music and Drama and the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. These exams include a written research component as well as theory, vocal technique, and performance. 

Inter level classes offer both group and solo work. Technique, breathing, and preparation for serious vocal training take precedence in the group warm up and theory work. Each singer chooses a song to work on from a syllabus of age-appropriate musical theatre material and will work one on one with the teacher in class every week on his or her chosen material. Basic vocal anatomy is taught using age-friendly models and ideas. 

At this level, students may elect to start taking their solo exams with the Leinster School of Music and Drama. To take exams, they must have a basic grounding in breath support, vowel production, and musical phrasing. Acting the song is introduced and developed as the student progresses through the grades, and the student is expected to research plays as part of the process.