Senior singing

Seniors 1st-3rd Year

Both male and female voices are in a state of changing and settling during this phase. Vocal training can start to get more serious after the voice has changed. Every student’s instrument is different, especially at the Senior level. Music appropriate for the individual’s voice is chosen and may be worked on for higher level exams, however many students only start their training at this age and choose to focus on basics. Whatever the goal, this is a good time to get serious about singing. 

First year students are eligible for Grades 4 and above in the Leinster School Musical Theatre exams, of which there are eight grades, or higher grades in other exam boards. The focus gets more specific and students are encouraged to diversify and study classical music as well as musical theatre. This is to ensure that as the voice matures it is versatile and protected from damage. Many Senior students are involved in musicals or preparing for their Junior Cert, so are working towards specific repertoire and rehearsal goals.

Private lessons are encouraged for students doing Grades 4 and above, especially for Junior Cert students who wish to sing as part of their practical.